Pocket Coaxial (RG59/RG6) Cable Continuity Tester

Pocket Coaxial (RG59/RG6) Cable Continuity Tester
Pocket Coaxial (RG59/RG6) Cable Continuity Tester
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The PT1-AAA cable tester detects DC continuity or shorts using a loud audible tone and an easy to read LED.
It can be used to identify and trace individual cables when multiple cables are present. The cable installer
uses the PT1-AAA to place a DC current through one end of the desired cable and identifies the cable at the
other end with the removable tone device.


The PT1-AAA uses one AAA battery to install or replace battery, unscrew the bottom of the main section to access the battery chamber.

1. Unscrew the “tone” detector, which is conveniently stored in the base section.
2. The main section of the PT1-AAA houses the DC transmitter and has a male F push-on fitting. Attach
push-on fitting to the end of a coaxial cable.
3. Touch the “tone” detector to each on of the cables at the remote location. When the correct cable from
the transmitter location is found, the tone will sound.

The PT1-AAA is equipped with a short circuit detector LED located on the head of the transmitter section.
If a DC short circuit exists the LED will light up. Maximum cable length for testing: 4000 Ft.

*Many high quality splitters are short circuits to DC.

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